Wednesday, 5 August 2015

What to expect... when having a thyroid lobectomy surgery (UK NHS system)

Hi Everyone,
This blog post today is in regards to my experience with the NHS when having a thyroid lobectomy! I had posted a video below where I talk about the step by step process involved from arriving to the hospital the day of your surgery all the way through to being discharged. Please comment with any further questions anyone has in regards to surgery in general or thyroid related things! 

To cut a long story short, the morning/day of your surgery will consist of a lot of meetings with the health care professionals who will be looking after you during your time in hospital: 
- Nurses
- Surgeon
- Anaesthetist 
- Specialist Doctor

At every step the doctors and nurses explain fully what will be happening, so you never feel like you are uninformed- this helps with the nerves. I personally was really nervous and apprehensive, I was asking all my friends what it was like being under general anaesthetic. Having now experienced my self, and as I explain in my video, it is hard to put into words what it feels like, you are literally asleep. That is it- in its most basic terms. 

Do watch my video for a full run through, I also touch on some more details about thyroid surgery in detail. I am no anatomy expert but I am attempting to educate myself on my body to then pass on information to others. I have studied biology to a-level and I touched on anatomy in A level PE etc and in my own life I do take an active interest in my body. I'm slowly but surely understanding what is going on in my body at this time. 

For any more information do explore google, and use websites like cancer research UK and Macmillan. I hope this video and post helps people who are about to go through with surgery of any kind. Its okay to be scared but just know that you are in the best hands and the outcome will improve your condition :D 

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