Tuesday, 28 July 2015

My story of my thyroid cancer diagnosis (UK NHS system)

Hi everyone,

This is a short blog post with a long Youtube video where I discuss how I felt leading up to my diagnose. This video tries to explain my symptoms, my general wellbeing as well as the course of events that took place with the UK NHS system. It also has information regarding the types of tests you will go through in order to get a thyroid cancer diagnosis.

This video is aimed to help people who are having any feelings of uncertainty regarding their health, as you will see in my Vlog it was a long and slow process of doctors and feeling unwell before I got a proper diagnosis. This brings me to an important point I am trying to get across by telling my diagnosis story, PLEASE persist at the doctors if you do not feel right. The only person who fully understands your body, IS YOU. In my video I explain my numerous doctors appointments and tests that essentially lead to nothing, but by persisting I was able to be seen by the specialist I needed and so I did finally receive my diagnosis. My previous blog was a timeline of photos documenting my story, they lend themselves well to this video- please go have a cheeky stalk, warning some are quite gross/show blood!

Like i've said before, I am not that great with written word, so please do watch my Vlog as I attempt to get across my timeline and emotional feelings/symptoms over the last 7 months.

THANK YOU so much for your support and messages and thank you to those young people getting in touch regarding their story. I am so grateful for the message and I am excited to see what the future has in store.

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