Sunday, 23 August 2015

NEW VIDEO, my completion thyroidectomy!

HI EVERYONE, my newest video to accompany the blog post I did yesterday. My attempt at Vlogging my experience with the thyroid lobectomy/thyroidectomy this time around. It is just short snippets into my week of surgery and then post surgery. Please watch and comment any questions bellow, I really want to answer and make sure everyone is educated and at ease. 

I do mention in my video the pain and how hard it was the second time around. I do not want to alarm anyone by my saying this, I just want to convey that it isn't always easy treating cancer. I want to stay positive and be positive but this blog is also emotional catharsis for me, and its a way of coping. Further to this by being completely honest I hope to reach out and help people, its okay to say it hurts, its okay to say your finding it hard. When we talk about things we share the experience, a problem shared is a problem halved. Support from friends and family during treatment is so important because you do not feel like you are facing the battle alone. I am so grateful for everyone and everything around me. Soppy Luce once more, but I really am just so glad I dont have to do this alone. 

Enjoy my video and I will post again soon. Tomorrow I get my staples removed from my operation and the next step will be to kill any remaining cancer cells in my body.

Thank you for your support, lots of love xxx

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